steve parks chicago actor
steve parks actor steve parks actor steve parks actor steve parks actor steve parks actor

Steve Parks
Height: 5'8" / Weight: 185
Hair: Brown / Eyes: Brown

Mind Over Mindy Thomas Albert Robert Alaniz, Sole Productions, Orland Park IL
You Don't Say! Mr. Adeemus Robert Alaniz, Sole Productions, Orland Park IL
A Stolen Jackpot Turley/Morley Satya Kharkar, Anmol Movies, Chicago IL
InSpectres Marcus Land Darren Orange, Reactor88 Studios, Bolingbrook IL
D.I.N.K.s (Double Income No Kids) Leonardo Tolstoy III Robert Alaniz, Sole Productions, Orland Park IL
Curio Man (lead role) Bill Burlingham Productions, Evanston IL
The Visitor From Elsewhere Sid Yidish Dave McGuire, Spider Monkey Films
The Phantom Pants: Domestically Challenged Landlord Ben Olson, B3n0 Productions, Sitcom Pilot
Keeper of the Necklace Patuk Alexagon Albert McKeever, McKeever Digital LTD
History Channel: Murder at the Fair Porter Joe Berlinger, Ten Days Productions, History Channel
Kentucky Lottery "Passing the Buck" Bill Road Pictures, Indianapolis IN
Miami Valley Gaming Lucky Applicant Bulldog Films, Inc. W. Palm Beach, FL
Safe Auto "The Fly" Anesthesiologist ByteMonkeys Films Columbus, OH
Kentucky State Lottery Mind Probe Guy Kranky, Road Pictures, Indianapolis IN
Lennox Air Conditioners Poker Player Kip Klein, Penguin Productions, St Louis MO
Erik Martin Legal Helpers Clown Creditor #2 Joe Roach, Comcast Spotlight, Chicago IL
Armed Forces Spot: SOFA Civilian Dad Scott Mumford, Film House, Nashville TN
Family Hyundai Car Sale Car Salesman Prime Target Marketing, Frankfort IL
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Mr. Cheswick Chris Maher, Open Eye Productions, Chicago
Awesome 80's Prom Principal Snelgrove Awesome 80's Prom, Chicago
Requiem for a Heavy Weight Maish Resnick Laura Knoerr, Hidden Talent Theatre
Traveling Rep. Theatre 150+ characters Covenant Players, Oxnard CA
Green Shirt Studio Meisner Technique
Linklater Voice
Andrew Gallant
Ann Marie White
Chicago Actors Studio Scene Studio/On-Camera Edward Dennis Fogell
Steven Ivcich Studio, Chicago Scene Studio/On-Camera Steven Invcich
Victory Gardens, Chicago Shakespeare Workshop Fred Stone
Musical Instruments: Hammer Dulcimer, Mandolin, Guitar, Drums
Athletic: Cycling, Football, Ice Hockey, Baseball

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